Common questions and answers
about horseback riding lessons.

R&R Stables offers opportunities for both young riders and adult riders at all ages.

We offer riding lessons for students six years of age and older. Driving lessons are offered to students ten years of age and older.

Lessons at R&R Stables must be prearranged. We encourage all riders to arrive ten minutes early for their to fill out the Liability Waiver, take a tour of the facility, and handle payment.

Lessons are approximately half an hour and are held according to your scheduled time. In the event you are running late your riding time will be deducted accordingly.

When you arrive for your first lesson the horse will be tacked for you. We will spend the entire lesson time on horseback building an understanding riding skills and horsemanship. Riders are asked to assist with cooling their horse out and putting them away. For future lessons riders are asked to arrive early and assist our interns with getting their horse ready to ride.

New riders are encouraged to wear a fitted top, full length cotton pants, such as yoga pants, and boots with a small (.5") heel. We will suppply a safety certified riding helmet. Riders who arrive with open-toed shoes, tennis shoes, capris or shorts will not be allowed to ride.

After committing to your first lesson package we request riders purchase the correct riding attire of jods, paddock boots, gloves, and an ASTEM/FEI certified riding helmet. All of these items are available locally or through an online store and can be found in our Helpful Links page. We are happy to assist you when purchasing the correct riding apparel.

During the winter months we ask riders to wear a fitted winter coat. Our facility is heated to the industry standard of 55°.

Of course we do! We have partnered with Metropolitain Community College's College for Kids to offer a horsemanship program. You can enroll or find more information about this camp opportunity here. Space is limited, be sure to enroll early.

Throughout the year we host several Riding Camps and Clinics, Ladies Nights, Horsemanship Classes, Barn Fundays, and other events. For the most up to date information please like us on Facebook.

We accept R&R Stable gift certificates, cash, check or credit card payments. Credit card payments are subject to a 4% convenience fee.

As per industry standards, R&R Stables enforces a strict "no-refund" policy on lesson package payments, training or show rates. In the instance a prepaid event should be cancelled, your credit will be applied towards your next invoice.

Gift certificates can create a special memory for the aspiring equestrian! We offer certificates for private lessons in both individual and package rates along with riding camp certificates.

Our certificates are designed and packaged to be an impressive gift on their own or can be included into another gift. If you live out of the region or are unable to stop at the barn to pick up the gift certificate we are happy to mail it to you.

We accept cash, check or credit card payments. Credit card payments are subject to a 4% convenience fee.

Riders are encouraged to stay home if they are sick. It is dangerous to ride when ill and, frankly, we don't want to catch what you have!

Please cancel your lesson with at least 24 hours notice. Lessons not cancelled 12 hours in advance will reflect in your account balance as a full lesson charge, except in the instance of sudden illness or bad weather.

It is our policy to forego lessons on days when the weather is below 20° or above 100°. For riders on the tuition based payment plan these lessons must be rescheduled within the calendar month.

We adhere to the industry standard weight guidelines for riders of a maximum of 250 pounds. Aspiring equestrians not meeting the weight guideline are encouraged to begin with driving lessons and advance to riding lessons when possible.

Riders must be able to easily follow four step verbal instructions. They must also be able to maintain control of balance, core strength, and pressure applied during riding. For riders needing special accomidations please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide referrals to programs better suited to your needs.

As always, if you have a question regarding these or other policies please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Common questions and answers
about the Academy Program.

The Academy Program was developed to introduce newcomers to the showring. It is an affordable way to see if showing is right for you or your child.

We are fortunate to have several very competative Academy Shows right here in the Kansas City Metro. In addition to these shows we offer the opportunity to be a part of the traveling Academy team which covers shows from Minnesota to Oklahoma to Kentucky, and Tennessee. Be sure to visit our Show Schedule.

Showing horses fosters development in good sportsmanship, determination, confidence building, and poise. It allows students the ability to apply the knowledge from their lessons and offers a tangible method of measuring personal acheivements.

Academy riders compete against other local or regional stables on lesson horses. Typically at a show, each rider will have the opportunity to compete in two different classes. Each class lasts about ten minutes.

When your instructor feels you are prepared to compete we will share the Academy schedule and costs for the year. We will also assist in finding the correct show habit. Please do not purchase any show clothing without our former approval.

In order to compete in the Academy circuit riders must take a minimum of one private and one group lesson per week. During an Academy show there is little time for a warm-up, classes run back-to-back. Riders must be mentally prepared to mount and enter the show ring at their maximum performance.

Absolutely not. In fact, we'd much rather you learn the "ins and outs" of showing on our proven Lesson Horses. Most of these horses have been former show ring champions and know their job quite well. For the more experienced Academy rider we have horses who are still at the top of their game providing the challenge you need.

Your instructor will mount you on the horse best suited to your needs for the show. It is quite common in Academy for two or three riders to share one horse. The classes are designed to accomidate for this.

Academy can be considered a stepping stone for riders wanting to purchase a show horse. Here at R&R Stables, we do not require riders to purchase show horses to participate in the Academy Program. We do, however, require new riders to show in Academy (or show practice classes) before competing on their show horse.

Upon your invitation to participate in an Academy show we will send out a sign-up email. Sign-up and payment are due one month before the horse show.

There are no refunds after the sign-up date, but add-ons may be taken with a late fee assessed. In the event a rider should have an emergency leading up to show, but before the horses leave R&R Stables for the show, it is possible your payment could be reflected as a credit to your lesson acount. This is strictly on a case by case basis.

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