About our training program...

At R&R Stables we believe passion drives success. Our team is committed to the partnership of our clients and their horses. We pride ourselves on the ablility to leave a stamp on our training horses; steady, happy, and beautifully turned out.

Training fees include full board along with daily grooming, professional training six days per week, and a weekly riding lesson with a trainer. The horse's workouts are timed and dictated by their individual needs and abilities. Each horse is assessed on a daily basis.

Open communication with each client ensures a working understanding of their horse's skill set and development. Depending on the horse's ability and confidence we can discuss when each horse is ready to compete and which shows they would benefit from attending.

We understand showing can be an overwhelming experience. To ease the pressure, our staff completes all the necessary paperwork for you and is responsible for all things horse related at the show. We encourage owners to be involved when possible by assisting with show set-up or tear-down.

Call or email us today to learn more about our training program. We can't wait to work with you!

Added Benefits!

Dedicated caretakers.

Quality caretakers and grooms are very hard to find; we believe we employ some of the best people in the industry! Each horse at R&R Stables has a dedicated caretaker who knows their "ins-and-outs" and personality.

Flexible feeding accommodations.

We recognize horses can have special dietary needs. At R&R Stables you'll never be charged extra to accomodate suppliment feedings or topical additives to their regimented feedings.

Access to the top veterinarians and farriers.

R&R Stables employs the finest farriers and veterinarians in the equine business. We work closely with these professionals to ensure each horse has the best possible care.

Full Board and Training:
$825 per month; $27.50 per day

Billed on the 25th of each month for the following month's training. Additional charges such as body clipping, equipment purchases, deworming medications or other medications will be itemized and reflected on the invoice. Veterinary and farrier services will be billed directly from the service provider.

Show Expenses:
Clients are expected to provide credit card information or a blank check for each show to pay for entries and other immediate show related expenses.

$.85 per mile *$75 minimum
If outsourced client will be billed at cost.

Day Charges:
$75 per day for Regional Shows
$100 per day for National Shows

Pro Rated Expenses:
Staff travel expenses, hospitality, stall decorations, additional tack stalls, box seats, and other show related expenses will be divided equally among clients, itemized and invoiced.

Caretakers spend hours attending to your horse's needs each day. At shows their hours are dramatically extended to ensure the horse's safety and soundness away from home. They take great pride in their work and we encourage you to reward them by tipping an amount at your discretion for each show. Their dedication to your horse exceeds their weekly salary; we appreciate your help in keeping them as part of our staff.

Clients are encouraged to advertise when placing as Champion or Reserve Champion in a Regional or National Show.
Advertising is billed directly from the publication. All ads must be organized through R&R Stables and approved before running.

10% commission will be charged in addition to the purchase price of each horse bought or sold with R&R Stables acting as agent. All commissions are to be paid prior to the arrival or departure date of the horse.

R&R Stables reserves the right to act as both the buyer and seller agent for a single horse and charge commission to all parties involved.

Buyers are responsible for staff expenses during shopping trips.